The Clone trooper is the predecessor of the Stormtrooper. As seen in Ep 2 Attack of the clones and Ep 3 Revenge of the Sith of Star Wars.

untrimmed casting neck flashing trimmed   visor and teeth cut out Side vents cut out
Helmet before cutting visor, teeth and side vents Visor cut out filling in ear piece and low spots on top Filling in low areas on back Opposite ear being filled in as well as cheek
primer coat Silver coat Black coat white coat Brow painted and grey areas taped off
  Grey pavinted   visor installed  
Parts trimmed Shall we start assembling? EP 3 ABS kit And building begins The work so far
  The flexible belt   Resin blaster  
The first appearance of TC118 at Wizard World Chicago June 2008
  Chicks dig da armor   Me and the boss  



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