Tie Pilots are becoming more and more popular. While not as reckonable as Stormtroopers they are much more comfortable. Only armor parts are the from and back and helmet. Chest box can have fans installed which can blow air up to the helmet making it much more bearable to wear.
But it is an almost entirely black costume, so it is not a good one to wear in a hot summer day at an out door event! And be prepared to be asked if your Darth Vader a lot.


Helmet and armor Inside Helmet TI118's Chest Box
By Targworx !
TI118's Bucket        










Old Targ from the Omega Wing & (Soon to be in the) 501st Midwest Garrison came up an idea (it first appeared in Bloodfin Garrison , so thanx Bloodfins) of a "one stop shopping list" or resource page for some newbie pilots. We have put our lists together to help make gathering supplies easier. Do your research when buying from anyone. Old Targ & I make no claims to the trustworthiness of any of these vendors, these are places you can get the items, but we didn't neccessarily choose their services.

If you have a link, tip or idea not seen here, send the information to myself or to Old Targ

For the best tips & tricks for building your costume go to Omega Wing. Great group of pilots with great advice whether you are going movie cannon, or personalizing your costume a bit.


Other Misc Items
Research & Tips


You can find armor in lots of different places. My best advice is to shop around and request lots of pictures before you make your decision.
eBay sometimes has auctions for armor running. Email
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Boots & Gloves

Ebay Germany search for "knobelbecher" boots. Warning, it is in German.
Sportsman's Guide has this.
Sportsman's Guide also has this one.
Sierra Trading Post
Wal-mart also has some boots that are close. Herman Survivors S/T Engineer II boots. They cost around $45.00 to $50.00.

Remember you need Gauntlet style gloves
Tough Gloves has the Damascus 650, said to be some of the most screen accurate gloves. Kinda pricey at $45.95 though.
Biker Leather. Go to the "Motorcycle Gloves" section.
Excalibur Leather
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For Hoses, goto Home Depot and look for Plumbshop model # PS2466, Corrugated drain hose, 1.5" diameter x 30 long. Get 2 for the coupling that comes on one end of the hose. Or find PlumbPak item #PP955 1 Slip Joint Nut as a match to the Plumbshop coupling.
You can also check with your local vacuum repair shop for deals on used hose. 1 1/4" hose and 21 inches for each side of your box.
Check6 Aviation has some oxygen mask hoses. They may be a little short though, reportedly the hoses are 18" long, and most pilots recommend 20"-21" hoses.
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Army Surplus for Less. This is the suit I have, I would recommend buying it one size larger (at least)
For those in the Chicago area: Brookes 5402 N. College Ave. (S/W corner of 54th and College) 317-255-8368. Suits upto 5X, $40 each ($20 upon ordering, rest at delivery).
Out In Style

Don't forget you need 2 Imperial cogs for the sleeves.
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First, a quick helmet "tutorial":
Quick overview of licensed helmets: Don Post Deluxe....................................Top of the line
Don Post Classic Action
Don Post Standard
There are three Don Post classification of helmets. The Standard, The Classic Action, and the Deluxe. The Classic action is a little larger than the standard and a little more solid. The deluxe is the top of the line and is a fibre glass helmet that was released on a limited quantity. The standard Don Post Tie will run you between 50.00 and 80.00. The CA's have been going for between 120.00 and 200.00. The deluxe would probably be an outrageous price. The Don Post Deluxe would probably be the best of the best. As far as plastic/vinyl helmets go, the Altmans is probably the best. They are molded well and have a great paint job. Based on the Dollar in Australia right now the Altmans Tie is 265.00. The majority of people doing Tie Pilots are using the standard Don Post. The Rubies seems to be the cheapest in price and the most available, but everyone says they're junk. However, they are the same as the DP Standard.

Here is a run down of the helmets in order from best to worst: Don Post Deluxe - Fiberglass, rare, and very, very expensive. This one may cost you 600.00
Don Post Classic Action - Vinyl, hard to find, runs about 200.00 to 300.00. An easy way to tell the CA helmet is that it has RAISED lettering on the back of the helmet.
Altmans - Plastic, Well done, 265.00 U.S.
Don Post Standard - Vinyl, fairly easy to find, runs 65.00 to 100.00. It has STAMPED or ENGRAVED lettering on the back of the helmet. Skyla, Jedi Dad, and myself have this.
Rubies - The easiest to find and the least liked. They run between 45.00 and 55.00. Same mold and materials as DP Standard.

eBay usually has some helmets on auction.
Collector's Gallery

"chicocop" on eBay ussually has auctions for assorted different lenses running.

Voice Mods:
Radio Shack
SciPlus (also find fans for cooling/ventalation there)
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Misc Items

Vinyl catalog. For your Imperial Helmet cogs when you repaint. This site appears to be down though.
501st's Elvis Trooper has Imperial Greeblies for your belt buckle, potential officer's hat and maybe even ear detail's on your helm.

Balaclava/"Neck Seals":
Sportsman's Guide for a silk balaclava "neck seal".
US Cavalry

Tandy Leather item #4451800 and some dye will make your belt. and...
Tandy Leather's item #1168800 will be the belt buckle.
Or in the Chicago area: Tandy Leather Meadowoods Center (same shopping strip as McGilvery's Pub and a Pizza Hut delivery) 3087 N. High School Rd. Speedway, Indiana 46224 317-347-9954 toll free 866-609-2978 fax 317-347-9954. It should be the same item numbers, but you will be looking for the 2" wide leather belt and 2" rectangular buckle. You will also need black dye or flexible black paint (as used for car bumpers) as the belt comes in tan.

Code Cylenders:
Code Cylenders I would say most pilots need 2. Paint the rounded tip metallic blue.

If you are looking to vacuform, thermaform or just need plastic for whatever reason for your suit, here are some links for that.
U.S. Plastics styrene
U.S. Plastics ABS
Plastruct smaller sheets of ABS


Research and Tips

Do-It-Yourself Chestbox parts list from Old Targ.
Rocky Mountain Fan Force's tutorial for making your own officer's hat (and other costuming tips).
PVC Blaster Builder's Club Make your own blaster out of PVC pipes & other hardware.
Picture of the flightsuit: is also a very good site for reference.
Studio Creations is a pretty good site for general "how-to" in costuming. Nothing specifically yet for TIE Pilots, but I still think its a very helpful site.
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